Tax planning

Let us help you in terms of tax planning

Let us help you with your tax planning needs

Tax planning is the solution to fix the business of a taxpayer so that he pays less tax as possible while observing the law. It is different from tax evasion, which is an illegal operation by which a taxpayer falsely reports, falsifies or withholds information.In this case, the tax optimization goal is to:

  • Take maximum advantage of all deductions, exemptions, credits, deductions, etc. contained in the law;
  • Report, to a later date, payment of tax on current income (deferred income plans (such as RRSPs, RESPs), tax shelters, choosing a year end, etc.);
  • Split income between two or more taxpayers to reduce marginal tax rates (spouse, children, older parents);
  • Transfer income to another legal entity, entity taxed at a lower rate (company, testamentary trust);

This simple enumeration of the various tax planning techniques alone represents a large program! Éthier Avocats allows you to:

  • Establish a good tax planning;
  • Identify opportunities for tax optimization;
  • Set your tax deduction strategy;
  • Do proactive monitoring at the moment of your tax declaration.