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Following a tax audit, the taxpayer may sustain a recovery for omissions or errors in their tax return. The tax administration will first produce a notice with the adjustment amount and any taxes and penalties. This notification shall be motivated and shall include all the reasons and assessments on which the recovery is based. The notification must also mention the possibility for the taxpayer to be advised by the person of their choice and must be signed and indicate the rank of the agent.

That being said, a tax lawyer can negotiate a reduction in the amounts claimed. In case of refusal of the tax authorities, it is possible to issue a notice of objection to oppose to the tax adjustment request. Also, if necessary, it is possible to appeal from the notice of objection to court to assert the interests of the taxpayers ex officio. Ethier Lawyers can help you:

  • Establish a tax diagnosis;
  • Protect your assets;
  • Identify opportunities for tax optimization through deductions;
  • Define your tax deduction strategy;
  • Do the proactive monitoring of your tax strategy.