Dentist incorporation

Let us help you in terms of incorporation creation

Let us teach you about the benefits of creating a company

By creating a company, the dentist gives up his self-employed status to become an employee of his company. It can substantially reduce taxes if the business does not fully pay all the revenues it recorded in the form of a salary or dividends. In addition, like other professionals, the dentist can save taxes by splitting income with a family trust (discretionary) from which his life partner or children may be beneficiaries. Splitting income allows paying taxes at a lower tax rate.

A tax lawyer can set up a continuous purification tax structure to allow dentists to enjoy the 800,000$ capital gain exoneration and even more from the sale of its dental clinic or at his death due to the deemed disposition of its assets. Éthier Avocats allows you to:

  • Establish a tax diagnosis;
  • Identify opportunities for tax optimization;
  • Set your tax deduction strategy;
  • Do the proactive monitoring of your tax strategy.