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Rely on the expertise of efficient and reliable specialists

Tax legislation is a complex thing – and certainly no place for guesswork. Whether you are looking for tax planning, municipal taxation, international taxation or tax dispute resolution services, you need to be able to count on the expertise and efficiency that only a team of dedicated specialists can provide. The tax professionals at Éthier Avocats all have graduate degrees in taxation and years of experience in the field – making them a respected authority on tax matters.

Éthier Avocats has won the regard of a wide range of clients, including individuals, corporate executives, healthcare professionals, small-business owners, public-service bodies (cities and municipalities), Canadian citizens working or doing business abroad, foreign residents working or doing business in Canada and Canadian companies with international subsidiaries.

Our clients have expressed great appreciation for the insight, skill and experience of the Éthier Avocats team as they have reduced their tax burden, formulated winning tax strategies and settled disputes with government agencies.

Our expertise

Sooner or later, we all come up against complex tax issues that can have a considerable impact on our personal and family wealth.

Without the help of a tax expert, it can be very difficult to protect your assets, maximize your income and plan your retirement. And because tax laws are so complex, it can be particularly challenging to make the most of real estate and other transactions or negotiate effectively with tax authorities.

How can you ensure that you make the right choices and achieve the best possible outcomes? By teaming up with Éthier Avocats, you will have access to the professional tax advice you need, whether it involves tax planning, family trusts and asset protection,real estate taxation, commodity taxes, international taxation or tax litigation.