Éthier Avocats
for expert fiscal advice

Éthier Avocats
for expert fiscal advice

Fiscal services to meet your needs

The tax specialists at Éthier Avocats can provide you with all the tax services you need:

Tax planning

When it comes to tax planning, Éthier Avocats has a wide range of expertise: compensation optimization, capital gains deductions…

Family trust

The tax lawyers at Éthier Avocats have a proven track record for creating discretionary family trusts. This structure, developed by…

Real estate taxes

Real estate can be a great place to put your money. However, to make the most of your investments, you need to make sure…

GTS/QST refunds

The Éthier Avocats team has solid expertise in commodity tax recovery to claim back the GTS and QST paid on certain goods and services…

International taxation

Working or doing business outside your country of residence can have major tax consequences, which is why it’s so important…

Tax litigation

In cases involving income tax, deductions at source, taxable benefits, income allocation rules or commodity tax recovery, it sometimes…

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Services offered by Planitaxe

A division of Éthier Avocats specializing in the recovery of consumption taxes (GST and QST) for public service organizations (cities and municipalities).